Pilot Training

Akagera Aviation is the only licensed helicopter training school in East Africa. We specialize in offering pilot training to all levels in accordance with ICAO standards. Our team of full time instructors provide an exceptional standard of training by establishing a rapport with each individual student. Their combined wealth of military and flight instruction experience is yours to draw on as we help to shape your future as a professional aviator.

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For those seeking a recreational private pilot certificate you can achieve your license in as little as 5 weeks. You are required to do a minimum of 45 hours of flying training but in our experience most people take 55 hours to master all the skills required. We are fully booked for this year 2013 our next availability is from March 2014 

Fly and Hire Excursions

Why not combine your trip to Rwanda with your passion for flying? Whether you are an experienced pilot and owner of a helicopter or just starting out in your career, Akagera Aviation is pleased to offer you a “hire & fly” excursion. Imagine combining your pilot training with your vacation.

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We offer a check ride with our chief instructor for those with experience with R44’s. During this check ride you will be briefed on local conditions, rules and radio procedures. You will then receive a license validation and you can then explore Rwanda by helicopter depending on your level of experience. For the less experienced pilot or current student we offer tours under the supervision and watchful eye of one of our qualified instructors.

Helicopter Maintenance

Akagera Aviation is licensed by the Rwandan Civil Aviation Authority to offer aircraft maintenance and is also an appointed service centre for the Robinson helicopter product.

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Our service centre provides spare parts directly from the factory at factory prices. Our factory-trained engineers are licensed to carry out full service line maintenance, including the 2200-hour overhaul of aircraft. We also offer a factory approved repair centre for insurance rebuilds.

CONTACT US for all your aircraft maintenance requirements.

Helicopter Sales

As the only appointed dealer in the East African region we are pleased to offer the Robinson brand of helicopters for your consideration. Whether it’s the two seat Robinson R22, the four seat Robinson R44 raven I or the fuel injected Raven II you’re after we can offer you the best advice.

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The new Robinson R66 five place turbine has been released and is now up for sale. 


Bespoke Heli-packages

We are pleased to offer you a selection of our Bespoke heli- packages for all your special occasions. Whether you’re planning your

  • Wedding, Christmas, Valentines, Anniversary or  Weekend escape;


Akagera aviation will develop the ultimate bespoke heli-package that will reflect your individual needs, tastes and interests.


Visiting Rwanda on a tight schedule? Let us take you there in style. We offer a range of tailor made packages to suit your needs. Wherever your destination, we will fly you there in the comfort and safety of our 3 seater (Robinson R44), 6 seater (Agusta 109) or the MIL MI17 11 seater helicopters. Whether you desire to save on driving time or simply want to take the scenic route, we’ll get you to your destination in style.


Our helicopters cruise beyond 180 km/hr making this the fastest and most efficient way to travel around Rwanda. For example a trip to Nyungwe National park by car will take you 5 hrs; we can get you there in 35 mins. Volcanoes National park, home of the endangered Mountain gorillas is a quick 35-minute flight; Akagera National Park, for an aerial game drive is approximately the same.