In our 18 months integrated pilot program, we turn new cadets into commercial ready pilots in top modern facilities, aircraft and simulators by challenging them on effort and attitude from the very first day.


Akagera Aviation Flying Academy has developed a competency based pilot education that includes flight training in MCC-course (Multi Crew Coordination course). Trained by highly experienced instructors, our students develop the professional pilot skills they need to start working as commercial pilots.

The Pilot Training offered at Akagera Aviation Flying Academy is an 18 months full-time education combining both theoretical studies and flying.

The entire program is conducted in English at our school at Kigali International Airport.

After graduation, you will be qualified for a job as a commercial pilot. The theory lessons are conducted in modern classrooms and the aircrafts are new and highly modern with advanced instrumentation. The school is open for our students 8 hours a day, and the students use the school both on weekdays and weekends. We have a lively and active student environment and our briefing rooms are a meeting place for students and instructors, and are also the “headquarters” for planning flights and for exchanging experiences and knowledge.